Screen Size Issue

iOS 11.3
iPad Air 2
The Blockheads 1.7.2

I don’t have any idea how this happened. It just happened when I launched the app.

This does not occur regularly.

This happened to me after split screen for a split second.

(no intent on using the word split too much)

This looks like it’s not from a split screen, but it looks like it’s trying to run the game in portrait mode when the iPad itself is in landscape.

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Apple has been having many rotation bugs over the years.

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I’m saying this same glitch happened to me after using split screen.


This happens to me in any app that can be portrait or landscape. Usually I fix it by just putting it into portrait and back into landscape again.
(Also we have the same iPad model lol)

Lock and unlock your device. Might work

Are you able to tap anything?

When this happened to me some building spots turned to blurry black area so I’ll always relog. This happened to me also so I locking auto rotation screen since I don’t need mute no one call or text only on messager.

I think I could tap stuff.

I updated my iPad Pro to try and repro’ this, but I’ve failed. Does it only happen occasionally, or is it more consistent than that? If the latter can others with the same hardware try and reproduce it?

I never had it again after this one time.

Okay. Odds are it’s an issue with the rotate function. We’ll consider this a non-issue, unless it becomes more widespread, or less rare :slight_smile:

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This is one of the manny IOS 11 bugs. it mainly seems to happen on older iPads no longer officialy supported by apple.