Screenshots of my builds :DDD


Nice building you got there!


Hey Survivor. You used to play a lot on Atmos didn’t you? Nice building

Welcome to the forums! :cookie:
And nice building :grinning:

I think Unihorse still has credit, but I’ve heard it crashes frequently. Don’t know if that’s an issue.

Pixmilla has credit, but it’s more pixel art than building usually.

I don’t know if Creative of Time has credit still, but it’s another building world.

Then Rabbithole and SGE (Neither of which I’ve been to, but if I remember correctly they’re both building worlds with credit).

Plenty of Mac servers too, I imagine (though I haven’t really visited any, so I don’t personally know).

This list by Thuthu Is absolutely immense and should help you to find a few more worlds.

Yep, there’s still credit for a good long while before I have to add more! The crashes are still an issue though.