Scrolling back up or down


When you are on safari, to get down or back up, you have to keep swiping to scroll. It is hard especially for posts with thousands of replies.

So could there be a button to go way up or down?


Feature requests for the forums software should be directed to the forums software developers.


So I’m supposed to contact discourse?


Well, we can’t do anything about it, so yes! :laughing:

They’re at


It’s still annoying with 1000s of posts but you can move the little bar or handle or whatever it’s called up and down. A lot faster than scrolling.


Yeah, but it’s safari. On an iphone. No bar.


I tap on the post count to bring up the scroll bar on the iPhone.


Huh. Never knew that.


@pigswig can’t you tap the discussion title and it will bring you right back to the top? Or is that not available on an iPhone? I play on a newer iPad so I wouldn’t know.


Lol I remember I had to tell u this last year


On ios you can tap the status bar to get to the top and samsung i think has smart scroll