Sea creatures


Every time I go across the water I always get scared for no reason. There are many sharks but they never attack your tiny little sail boat on the water. I always found it quite strange, so if sharks won’t do it, then something should! We should have more (dangerous) sea creatures. My first thought should be squid and octopus, but also maybe puffer fish, parana, or whale in doom rare cases! We could even have the deep sea creatures like an angler fish. It would be super cool and creepy.


Why whales? Whales aren’t usually hostile to humans…


The ”not realistic” criticism doesn’t really apply to a game with jetpacks.


In expert, you do have the chance to be knocked out of the boat by sharks.
So far it’s only happened when the ocean I was traveling, has a submerged island in the middle where there’s only one block depth of water to sail over and most of the sharks had gathered along that one block stream for an easy meal. I got knocked out 4 timed by biiiiiiiiiiiiig mummas. Each taking a bite of my backside! I was lucky to survive that trip.


You were in their territory!


Yes, but I was passing just through :sweat_smile:not planning on staying to be lunch :joy:


I think more sea creatures would be awesome! They could also make for more foods to be made at the electric oven, or maybe even a new bench for something like sushi! We already have the seaweed and could easily add rice. If you could tame the octopi for pets that might also be cool. Tame with fish maybe?


Fun fact!