Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)


The theme will be different then Eternal memories, i want to take a different turn with this server by banning portal chests and trade portals for all unless portal chests are used for transporting items out of the world. i want you to feel how it was before those items we’re introduced.

i know there are other servers like this one but that’s fine.

Lets break down some of the Rules of the server:

Harassing, bullying or anything along that lane is not allowed. (Very important!)
Raiding bases is allowed if they haven’t been maintained or are unprotected. And they can be taken over. If the owner wants it back please give them their base.
Griefing bases is allowed a little bit, but not too much. Some spend countless hours to build their things just to see it be destroyed. (Very important!)
Hacking, cheating, exploiting and duping is not allowed for obvious reasons, this is a legit world. (Very important!)
Do not ask or beg for anything please. Unless you need assistance like say an ownership sign or something else that’s allowed. But not asking for items or anything in general.
Please! No nudity, sexual talk or anything 18+. I will NOT permit that on this server. (Very important!)
Do not talk about personal issues including depression. And or personal information including: school, location, age, name and that stuff please. (Very important!)
Do not ask for administration or moderation or staff in general. this is earned, not given away at the start.
Please don’t litter chat with spam. Please! (Very important!)
Do not litter any items in general on the ground. There will be a dedicated place to throw you’re stuff including unicorns into the lava. Don’t actually throw animals in the garbage… :slight_smile:
Please do not threaten anyone including the owner that you will for example: “I’ll blow you up irl” or “throw someone down a cliff”, threats can be taken very seriously you know. And you may get arrested. (Very important!)
And last but not least. Please respect all staff including me that have to work hard :smiley: (Very important!)

The server isn’t open yet but when it is i will update the OP and post the link.

This server is Vanilla and it will be a Public server and it is hosted by 222oreo333

and make sure to check my other server out if you want:

Link to thread

Moonlight! (Cloud World)

Do note that if you break any very important rules you will be set in the blacklist and can’t appeal you’re ban if you have been breaking them and lost you’re second chance. ( i don’t want people who have done something like nudity coming back and getting my server shut down.)

How to join:
Slide your finger across the menu until you see (join world) then press (advanced…) and then press (online ip/port…)

Then enter the link into (server ip/url:)

Then enter these numbers which is you’re port into (server port:)


Then you should be ready :slight_smile:


Quick question: how will the “don’t do nothing” rule be enforced? A player may move once in the 15 minutes, and unless an admin/mod is watching them the entire time, they will not know if they did move or not.


i still need admins but idk. :confused:


Make it 5.


i guess that could work :slight_smile:


Does leaving count as nothing?




I can’t believe you actually did this XD


Honestly, this is the strangest concept for a server I’ve ever seen (in a good way).


Wait, can you chat?

Well it’s technically doing something…you are typing.


So you cant breathe and your focing players to die irl?


Quick Questions:
Does doing something while away count as nothing?
Does regening count as nothing?
Does nothing count as nothing?


the answer to that is 3 out of the four don’t count.


The server should be up soon. Still waiting for wingy to answer but he should soon I believe :slight_smile:


Cool to see this is a real server now! (Yes, I’ve been reading over @INeedPie’s shoulder, she didn’t like it so here I am)


@wingysam hasn’t made it yet. but i am still waiting


Should I make spawn a prison spawn?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I just want to vote.

0 voters

You have 5 hours to vote but you don’t have too.

About 2:30 PM EST it will close


Okay. since 2 voted that they just wanted to vote, 2 voted yes and one voted no the “i just wanted to vote” has been switched to maybe.

i could just stick either with yes or no.


I’ve changed the rules :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Have fun :slight_smile:


Can’t do nothing is now on blockheadsfans for if you want to find a server to join :slight_smile:

I couldn’t put in the link so I put in the link to add servers from