Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)


WHere is the link?




Still waiting for a response from wingysam. been almost 2 weeks


I made a little thing for this server :slight_smile:

I am also planning to build an embassy at EM though but I’ll show you what I made.


1, no living.
2, no breathing
3, no moving


If anyone has any name suggestions please tell me. i will live off the theme but with a different server name.


I’ve been waiting a while too, but I have faith in wingysam


No dabbing in the halls
No life in the halls
No breathing in the halls
No halls in the halls
No hurting sweep sweep in the halls.
No getting the reference in the halls.


i think i may change the server name to Sea of flowers.


I made an iMovie video which is kind of basic but why not :slight_smile:

Think maybe I will not allow portal chests or trade portals to give the server some sort of fun.

Edit: reuploaded the video to change some things.


When I tried to watch it, I got “This video is unavailable.”


Me too Cate.


Set it to public


I have decided to dismantle the rule prohibiting doing nothing if that’s okay with you guys. but what i am going to do for this server is ban portal chests and trade portals for all, admin, mod, owner, etc, etc. but portal chests are allowed under one case only.

i will allow portal chests for transferring items from the world away but not transporting them in the world.

You will need admin consent before you can use a portal chest and an admin will guide you to a placing area that they have if i do so where they have to watch you at all time.

Portal chest making is allowed for non-staff (people who aren’t admin or mod) but it must be locked up by an admin until the next usage.

if you have lost an item it is okay to bring one in though but only what you lost, and don’t lie about it or you will be set in the blacklist for a long time.

Admins have the right to refuse usage if you seem suspicious or have broken a rule before.


i promise! the server will be open soon, if i can get a response from @222oreo333 about my server. it should be soon but sorry for the very long wait! :slight_smile:


The server is now open to the public after quite a long wait. :smiley:

Server ip/url:
Server port: 25260

How to join:

Slide your finger across the menu until you see (join world) then press (advanced…) and then press (online ip/port…)

Then enter the link into (server ip/url:)

Then enter these numbers which is you’re port into (server port:)


Then you should be ready :slight_smile:


Maybe ill make a change.

You are allowed to have portal chests and tps as long as the contents are legit. if you are hiding duped items in you’re pockets do not bring them in or you will be banned.


While mining a cave troll decided to be there.

Edit: C’mon…

There are 2 by each other!


The luck is real


I think i have 6 tc blocks directly under spawn in deep depths. but please don’t mine them :slight_smile: