Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)


I just found out that there are a total of 8, 8! I kid you not. Tc blocks right beneath the portal but different depths.


Your world must be possessed!


Hey @Cate, if you can could you move you’re workbenches at spawn so they don’t interfere with the main structure. Whenever you can but if so thank you :slight_smile:


So, I am building something and does anyone know what this building is from? Take a hint and guess.

Maybe I could paint the basalt green and then the brick a reddish color not to match Christmas or leave the brick the same color?


It’s Gandalfs… therefore


I first built this spawn back in 2017 but decorated it with Christmas style and a tree to the right but nowadays that world is out of credit and shut down forever.

i’m planning to probably build every known symbol of my servers. but introduce a new symbol at the same time and make spawn a nice place to live in.

I am looking for admins or mods of the server.

If anyone wants to become admin you can either reply here or PM me with the following:

-forum name

Do note that you are not allowed to use the /reset-owner command. if you attempt to secretly steal items you will be demoted and will not have a chance to become admin for quite a while.

Repeated acts will result in a permanent demotion and a ban.


I will apply to be an admin. My IGN is I544CWARNER and my forums account name is I544C I’m active and can help you with anything. Thanks


Okay, i will invite you to the staff PM but please do not steal anything :slight_smile:


I won’t, I’m trustworthy. :grinning:




What should the trees of spawn be?

  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Lime
  • Pineapple
  • Pine
  • Maple

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Please do note that I am online mostly all the time (trying too)

It may not display the player count so it may look empty but I will be online. You just have to join the server to see the count until Dave can figure a way to add the player count to Mac servers.


Pineapple? XD


Can I help you?


If you so wish but would you like being added to the staff chat?


Sunny! Why’d you block my cave? I had to teleport out and waste my tc!
Now I’m behind in the server with no food or shelter or clothes.


I captured and placed my third found cave troll in the dungeon :slight_smile:

Also they seem to be a bit weird in terms of naming, can you explain that?


i could be an admin


What is you’re ign?




Just a little thing.

I am thinking and should there be an event every month where anarchy can happen. (Ex: Griefing, raiding, killing?) Although you will not be allowed to date, dupe, swear or that stuff.

Sound like a good idea?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No
  • Undecided

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The date it would be is from Sunday to Saturday of each month.

Also to clarify these are the things I will allow:

Griefing Of Bases
Killing of any animal including blockheads
Raiding bases
Stealing from chests

Obviously I will not lift the protection but I will allow these things.

If it all goes well it will begin on Sunday (July 1, 2018) And end on Saturday. Then repeat every first Sunday of the month.