Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)


Kind of like the purge.


Pine tree + apple tree.


I just made a discovery while making a Shute under spawn

Yes, that’s right. There are now double digit tcs directly under the portal. It was believed at being 9 but I found out there are 10 directly under the spawn, Wow! :smiley:


Okay, it is official. The event of anarchy will be live tomorrow! Until July 6-7th.

If you have any suggestions for the idea please tell me.


I wont be on that day :frowning:


After quite a while I have updated the Welcome message to 1.4

I have some parts of code blocked from public as that is reserved for later use but I have added a new button (World map) which will go in detail about the map of spawn and the world maybe


Seems like a nice idea thought


Now that I see it I think this looks kind of beautiful.

I based it off the dodo seeds design.


So you mean a monthly purge


Yes, I totally forgot about it.

Maybe I’ll start it tomorrow since I am tired.


Sound good
I will have to make a video off of it


Important announcement:

THE PURGE HAS BEGUN, Meaning all griefing of maintained bases, Stealing players items, raiding of maintained bases and killing of any animal including cave trolls, blockheads and unicorns is now allowed.

These rules will still be in the WM but will temporarily be lifted.

This is an event that will happen at least every 1-2 months for one week. During this period you are allowed to have some free time.

After the purge has ended these rules will return back to normal but the players will not be banned that griefed.

Do note cussing, dating, lagging the server, littering, hacking, duping, cheating, sexual acts, or that stuff is NOT allowed. You will be banned for these acts.


I am actually thinking of putting a griffin land like box spawn in this world but maybe different looking.


i made a small template. i put the things so i know what they are if i add them.

H/W is height and width.


I have built the frame of spawn, not the finished product. I have spent probably a thousand platinum coins buying carbon fiber for it.


It looks good but i recamend u to make hotel shops mines trash chute pets taming job centEr


The purge really hasn’t had anything but I am ending it now. All rules have reverted to their previous state. And they are now back :slight_smile:




Isn’t that baldi? From baldis basic?


Yes i544C >:]

But one thing I don’t get is how Is this a healing pool when nothing’s heating it.


Maybe the kiln and furnaces etc underneath it?