Sea of Flowers - (Mac World)


And there’s snow in it :laughing:


I am going to whitelist sea of flowers due to recent events.

There is a hacker out there causing destruction and chaos on servers including giants so it would probably be best to whitelist to stay away from destruction.

To get whitelist please PM the following:

-Forum name

Hopefully by this I could probably stay away from hacker attacks.


Build itme


You are already admin I think, there is no need.

Admins have access to worlds if whitelisted if they are admin in the first place.


Wumbo Jumbo




I have unwhitelisted the server for eltapa. And I may keep it this way.

One thing is if you in any way spot any team members or any of its hackers please PM me with a video of the hackers and not a screenshot. That way I know you are being honest.


What’s the seeker team?


don’t worry about it, i have removed it for naming/shaming


I’d like to know as well. On another note, I’m going join for the first time :slight_smile:


Everyone dont has a screen recorder like me i just click pics as i tried to make a youtube channel but i cant find a screen recorder all screen recorders are not applicable for my ipad thought


Maybe i will allow screenshots as long as it is not shopped


Updated url link to remove “http://” so people can join properly. it will be in the OP


Think I am going to make a few new rules that will be listed in a different category if I add it.

Mainly building, shops, etc.

i will mention the ones i think need to be mentioned.

Please do not plan to sell time crystals for platinum coins, you won’t get banned for this but time crystals should be free to mine. not pay to mine! (this includes staff.)

When selling items on the world please make the prices at least fair to the consumer. i will not ban but selling 99 dirt for 99000 coins is really not fair. i will need to change the price if i hear complaints that it is too expensive so please make it fair or don’t sell the item at all.

Please make builds at spawn island accessible to people. what i mean is having wood doors for getting in and out. you do not need iron unless you are making a tunnel or little hallway to get through. constant use of iron doors without permission will result in the destruction of you’re build.

Please do not give people expensive items such as a jetpack or unicorn. they need to work for their items. you can give them items from trade portal (lvl 2) or lower. doing this a lot may result in a ban and a confiscation of the items of the players who we’re given the items. (via reset-owner.)


That’s weird, I go to a server called ‘sea of flowers’

Is that the same Mac server? Of are they just with the same name?


@ElTaPa ^^^

I’m pretty’s sure you can’t find a Mac server by searching the name btw


Not I could not. You’re right. I was white listed and given permission to join. Now I’m a regular on amc server using my phone lol


You actually can only join mac servers on mobile devices


Well the name didn’t pop up before and I couldn’t search the name either, so an admin gave me the ability to see it by sending me a link and by a friend I was told I am an admin on that server as well. Lol.

What I was wondering was the OP. If this server they speak of is the same server I have been going to?


I saw you in this worlds chat so you’re definitely in it lol