Seasons, fruits, and tree guide

Part 1: Seasons

Three trees can tell you the season. They are apple trees, cherry trees, and maple trees. Each season lasts one in-game day (15 minutes when not sped up) making a year an hour (four in-game days).

All four season have early and late stages. Since a season is a day, they pretty much map to day and night.

I use maple trees to tell the season because they live long. Apple trees also have distinct differences between seasons.

Part 2: Tree Identification

What kind of tree is it? You could use this image to help. First, check the kind of trunk it has. Then check the kind of leaf it has. If it has fruit on it already, this won’t help that much, as you should already know.

Also, some trees have other discerning characteristics, such as pine trees, which grow tall and naturally in a triangular shape.

Part 3: Fruit Spawn Seasons

When will my tree have fruit? That’s what this image is for. If you haven’t already, figure out what kind of tree it is. Fruit may spawn during the season(s) marked with the red box.

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I had never gotten to actually figuring out the spawning seasons for fruits! That definately explains why coffee Cherries take forever to grow. Also, you put part 2 down twice.

Edit: maybe you could make one about the speeds with compost too?

Thanks, it’s been fixed.

Thank you! I was waiting for a guide like this, but was too lazy to make one myself :wink:
I’m trying to do a secret project on my computer involving all types of, well, everything.

I must be in early/late summer! THank you for your help!

Good job I would have never though of this guide…!

Here is a video showing all the trees (and one of them showing the full change for a year)


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