Second Life - My Story


Hi. I’m an avid gamer who plays a variety of video games. I’ve been playing a game called “The Blockheads” for 4 years now; being I started in 2013. Month after month, I’ve created successful worlds to then be abandoned, including a freebuild server, an ocean PVP server, and a prison server. My goal was to create a world that was like a different game with an amazing community.

I’d wanted to play Minecraft for a long time, as it was starting to become popular. My cousin Nicole and her brother introduced me to a game called “The Blockheads” as an alternative. I decided to start my own single-player world and worked for months on it. I called it “Galaxy of the Dirt King”. Using mainly dirt, I created huge works of pixel art, made a dirt castle, and declared my Blockhead the “Dirt King”. All my hard work was deleted through a glitch, and my world restarted.

I made maybe 5 more single-player worlds then, but felt the need to do something… more. I joined a server called “Tin Woods” with the user name JackFrosty, as a reference to the Minecraft Pocket Edition YouTuber JackFrostMiner.

I created a base and eventually starved to death, being that I only had my flint spade, 5 oranges, and basket. I quickly used up the oranges. The world lost it’s credit and I moved on.

This next server was insanely popular and it was immensely fun. It was called “Block Wars”, and I met a fellow with the username “Tails the Fox”. He offered me some gold coins. I accepted and bought some armor, got an iron sword, and we teamed up to fight against other players. I loved it. I made friends with tons of other people, including Karis, Sonic J, Knuckles, all references to Sonic characters, and a couple of experienced players which I unfortunately forgot the names of. I lasted for 2 years on that server before the 1.6 update came out. I never saw any of the players again. Three months passed by, while I idly played on freebuild servers and created pixel art. One Wednesday morning I decided to join Block Wars again to see what was happening on the server and I saw Tails. He went on a rampage and killed nearly everyone but his crew which was online: Sonic J and me. Didn’t know why. I played for a bit before having to go eat dinner. No one I knew was ever on again.

I’ve lost track of all the servers I’ve went on since, and I haven’t felt the same presence as on Block Wars. I met some people and created a relationship close to the one I had with Tails the Fox on a server named “PvP Clan Wars” by Tori. I lost them after a summer when I lost interest in the Blockheads.

Block Wars came back up again ~2016 and I joined. It was great to be back… But it was different. I played for a while before I got bored.

Then Tails commented on a Blockheads video I was watching. I replied to the comment and asked about him.

He didn’t remember me much, but he said his username was “Claude S.”, a username I knew but didn’t know was Tails.
After “The A”, the owner of “Block Wars”, quit the Blockheads, “Block Wars” was abandoned before I got the chance to meet up with him.

I haven’t seen him since.

This is my story, and my goal is to build that presence from that server that I had played on 4 years ago. I have created a world named “Second Life”, which is a triple meaning.

  1. A virtual world for players to live a second life. You can take jobs, earn money, fight wars, get sick, and even play video games inside the Blockheads.

  2. A “second” Block Wars experience.

  3. A second reliving for those who left Blockheads because of the same thing as me: Losing fellow fighters and friends and not seeing a purpose in the game.

I hope that I can create this server. If there are any veterans out there from Block Wars who’d like to help, or just players who’d like to help, I’d gladly appreciate it. Sorry for the long post.

~ Titan

EDIT: I’ve changed my names maybe 500 times now :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT 2: I’ve started a post about the server.

If you want to help me build it, I’d appreciate it very much.


IMO, if this was in Multiplayer I think it’s fine there. It’s talking about his experiences with multiplayer servers, along with asking for help with making one to replicate the experience he had in a server called Block Wars.

Yes I also think it should be in Multiplayer because Titan wants to recreate the server.

Moved to multiplayer.

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Nice story Titan, I think I traveled to Block Wars a few times myself. If I remember it correctly, it was very densely populated near spawn. Lots of crowded buildings next to each other.

Best wishes with your new server. And if you run into any problems like last time when the world got reset - just PM Milla, or email support - she can restore the world from backup files so it won’t be a total loss. (Not single player though - just cloud worlds)

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This is totally off topic topic to this thread. Please pm skeeve if you want to speak to him privately

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You should now, because if I’m right all you have to do is post twice and then you can. Try now.