Second Life - The Most COMPLEX Server in Blockheads History

Hiring staff now! Builders and miners get moderator after building a useful structure or helping with the caverns. PM me for more information.

If you’re not going to read this guide, it’ll be hard for you to play. Another warning is that there are one way doors in the caverns, so you’ll need to follow instructions.

#What if… we had a chance to restart? A chance to rebuild our lives? In this living hell of Earth, we truly need that chance. After a crazy turn of events, you now can…
Welcome to your

You have been transported to the Amazon.
You must create a portal. Watch videos for time crystals. Buy a piece of stone, and then create a portal - the key to restarting. Below is a map showing where the different areas are.
Once you have your key, you must then travel down to the caverns. Remember - there are one way doors. Choose a path, and then travel across the caverns. Once you find a ladder, climb up and you are ready to begin your adventure. Place your portal, and begin your second life.
There are multiple eras:

  1. Prehistoric / Stone Age
  2. Dynasties / Bronze Age
  3. Medieval Times - Era 1
  4. Medieval Times - Era 2
  5. Medieval Times - Era 3
  6. Greek / Roman Age
  7. Exploration Age
  8. Colonization Age
  9. Modern War Age
  10. Present Time
  11. Eye of Horus - FUTURE
    As you upgrade your portal, you will advance through different eras. For example, your Level One portal is for the Prehistoric Age. Once you find an amethyst, you can upgrade your portal to the next era - the Bronze Age, and so on. Once you have a diamond portal at the Greek / Roman Age, you are permitted to have an extra portal. Upgrade the second portal to the Exploration Age, Colonization Age, and so on. Once you have all the available Eras, you should have 2 diamond portals.

What is the benefit of upgrading my portal?

You are able to move into different areas. The first area is the Prehistoric Area.
As you move further through the cavern, you can see different ladders leading to different Areas. After getting to the next area, you are given extra space to build!

How do I get gems?

Hidden around the Caverns are treasure chests, which you can loot for gems and some money as well.

How do I get money?

There are two methods of getting money - hiring a “miner post” or by looting treasure chests.
A miner post is an admin item - two signs covered in red paint. You can bid for a miner post by offering money to an admin. The prices of bidding higher as you advance in Eras. Once you have bid a miner post, you are allowed to place a shop with an item of your choice. Other players can buy your items. After a week, your place at the miner post is disabled. You must pick up your money after the week is over, or the money will be given to admins.

How do I get food?

Below the caverns, there is a HUGE tree - the Holy Tree of Life. This tree is a MEGA TREE, meaning it is made of multiple trees. Most are maple or pine trees, so there is little fruit. In the middle of the tree, there are apple trees. The hard part of finding food is that there are scorpions near the fruit and there are dropbears surrounding the Holy Tree. Good luck!

What about PvP?

Below the Holy Tree, there is Arena PvP! You can unlock this Arena once you have an amethyst Portal. You are allowed to PvP for money and food there.

When will the server be opened?

The server will be released March 17, 2017. See you soon!
Titan Supreme (owner)
DerpyPig305 (co-owner)
DontAskWhy (head-admin)


I’m excited to see this server grow!

Seems like a great plan!
I think it’s a good idea though to make sure your visitors know that it’s important to have a good balance between real life and time spent on video games :slight_smile:


this should be a very, very, interesting server!

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Sounds beast, titan!

My username is Titan Supreme. Please private message me if you want to be recruited, with your IGN, why you want to be part of the staff, and some screenshots of your proudest work.

I took a few pics of second life before it ran out of credit and I want to ask:
Do you people think me and Titan should start working on it again? If not I’ll just work on the cracker dome but I want to know what you guys think. :slightly_smiling_face:
Here’s a pic of the caverns-

This is the (unfinished) tree of life-
This is the spawn-And this is the rail road-

So what do you guys think? I’d be willing to go back to second life if you’re all still interested.

  • Come back to second life
  • Work on the cracker dome

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It looks really pretty, I wanna visit sometime!

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What I’m seeing is gorgeous! I’d like to see more :smiley:


I would love to see more of this. those are great pixel arts!


Agreed! I’m getting a lot more motivation for this server, due to lots of brainstorming. Might open it up again, if @TheDerpMaster wants to join.

Yeah I’d be interested @Celadon. Pm me your brainstorm ideas so we can coordinate. :+1:t2:

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@DerpMaster That massive tree looks Awesome (yes, it deserves a capital letter) that server certainly seems like it would be worth going back to.


Is there already a world thread for this world? If so this should have gone there. If there is can someone link me to it, so i can merge them? I hate hunting for threads :stuck_out_tongue:

Here you go.


Thanks! Merged.

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