Seeds in vanilla

This would be helpful, because in the event that you want the same seed but don’t want to make the server custom this can help.

You would when creating the world be able to choose its seed with the exception that if you choose a seed you will not get time crystal blocks unless you let the seed be randomly spawned.


I don’t think you’re allowed to choose a seed in vanilla for a reason.

It’s probably because you could spawn TCs at a specific place every time.

Or maybe because you could know where all the materials for a portal chest are every time? I would love that though.

Edit: I was wrong.

No, the seed isn’t that granular. It’s more gross structures that are decided by seed. The placement of individual stuff is entirely random.

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I may misunderstand what you are meaning, but I believe ores are determined by seed.

I created two single player worlds with the same seed, and the flint blocks are placed in the same spots.