What happens with seeds


Seeds, along with several other of the settings you choose when creating a custom world, determine the shape of the terrain, and where oceans & mountains are in relation to the poles. It also determines the location of sky islands.

It does not:

  • Include the initial tree / plant positions (besides gem trees)
  • Determine where the spawn portal is in the world*

* According to Dave the same seed can result in several spawn positions, and I’ve experienced this with corrupted 16x worlds. The seed limits the number of positions (e.g. no portals in the oceans), but it does not guarantee that the spawn portal will be in the same location every time.


What kind of seed?


The costom seed

Thanks @Bibliophile


The costume seed? What?


Builditme means the numbers you can type in for the custom seed when creating a custom world.


You can even type in letters, I think.

Can’t you?


Yes you can


The letters would convert to some sort of numbers.


Of course. But the question was whether you can type in letters. You can.


Hashing probably.