Seeing trade portals in zoomed out view and teleporting to trade portals


If you are wondering what the use of this is, simple.

It would be so you can see and know where your nearest trade portal is or simply track one down

One new thing i would also like being added with this is the ability to teleport to the trade portal so you can easily make purchases. :slight_smile:


The use is simple?


I like the idea of being able to see trade portals in the zoomed out view.


This would cause even MORE lag on servers that are already laggy.


How would it cause lag? all it is, is just adding a portal to the zoomed out view.


Like the portal, it will have to load the chunks around it all the time in order to immediately show it when you zoom out.

This would be a problem for big servers, as when an admin joins he/she will have to deal with the trouble of loading so many chunks that the admin isn’t even looking at.


Yeah, most servers have twice the ammount of trade portals than normal portals, it would ruin the look of the minimaps and cause lag, stuff like that…


My advice is just place a portal beside or near your trade portal.


If this was implemented trade portals would have to be limited to reduce lag the same way regular portals should be. The difference in lag before and after portal reduction is dramatic.