Self Fueling Jetpacks

As stated in the title,
I believe that jetpacks should refill themselves automatically if there’s fuel in the blockhead’s inventory.

Right now, fueling of jetpacks is done manually by tapping on either the fuel or jetpack and adding fuel.
It starts to get annoying after awhile as i find that it does not add anything to the the gameplay experience.

If needed, an option to turn off self fueling can be added for people who needs or likes to micromanage their fuel consumption.

Should self fueling jetpacks be added?

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Should there be an option to turn off self fueling?

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It’d be much easier as an option in worlds where you have lots of fuel, and you don’t need to watch how much you have left

Did you mean, in other worlds (not correcting, but A-Z was confused)

But yeah, in custom free builds, or unclassified servers where you do a lot of roaming, that would be nice

I think Prototype’s keyboard was being unkind to them when they were trying to type “in worlds” XD

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That’s the reason for my suggestion. Jetpack is used in free trade portal worlds almost all the time. It would be nice to no longer have to constantly refuel the jetpack.

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Oh. Okay then.

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Let’s just bring our attention back to the topic.

Its okay proto, so what do you think of the idea then?

decent quality of life suggestion. i dont see a downside on this.

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Or maybe there could be a fuel tank so once fuel is burned it instantly refills I know it’s like your post but self filling jet packs just is not realistic
But great idea

I’m not sure if this is feasible from a coding viewpoint, but I think having a way to fly a long time without having to continually monitor fuel level is an awesome idea.

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If coding was a problem, reducing the frequency of refueling would be good as well.
I suggest allowing the crafting of fuel tanks or compressed/super fuel which the player uses to refuel a jetpack with high fuel capacity.

Suggested recipes:

1x jetpack + 1x carbon fiber block > 1x high capacity jetpack

1x steel block > 2x empty fuel tanks
1x empty fuel tank + 10x fuel > 1x full fuel tank
1x full fuel tank (when used)> 1x empty fuel tank (similar to coffee use)


10x fuel > 1x compressed/super fuel

Jetpacks and handcars are one of the best mode of transport on land currently, especially in free tp and 16x worlds.
Sometimes, while using jetpacks, I would let my bh travel long distances or have a long list of actions queued up.
It would be nice to no longer have to pay as much if not no attention to the fuel gauge and letting my bh do its thing.

Jetpacks know when they’re at 1 fuel, just put fuel in when your blockhead would be turning yellow.

I think an upgrade to the jet is an awesome idea! Solar powered jets sounds good to me. There should be a trade off in speed because of the extra weight being carried around though. Maybe those who are not refilling their fuel in time need an audio warning to go along with the yellow flashing for the low jet fuel. An annoying beeping sound should do the trick.


I would love to have a self-fueling option for jetpacks! this would help to reduce accidental deaths while flying.
I like @Shariu’s idea with an audio notification for low fuel. It’s easy to be hyperfucused on your current task, or attending to another BH, and not realize how low your fuel is. Or not notice at all and have your BH fall from a height. :see_no_evil:

I love this idea! Especially useful when you have multiple BHs that you aren’t paying attention to. :slight_smile: Of course there would be an option for it to be off in world settings or the customizing world menu? And it probably wouldn’t be in expert mode but that’s my thought.

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