Self sustaining servers?


As a previous server owner, I was kinda bummed out about the 1.7 update. Although I completely agree with the idea behind it, i knew it would be the endgame for smaller servers.
However, I recently came up with a strange idea: would it be possible to earn revenue (or at least counter the cost of running a server) by integrating ads in welcome messages? And if so, how?
Of course, I don’t want to assume this is possible. The revenue earned might not be enough, and there might be some legal issues of any sort by doing so. The question still runs in my head though.
That’s all I had for today though, and I’d love to hear from you guys if you have any comments. See ya!


Mac servers. They’re free.


Wow. I didn’t know that. But I don’t have a mac. What am I supposed to do then?


Here are some mac server hosters:


If you’re a tech geek u can somehow display ads from your site… try to sell merch… lol. And there’s also stuff that collects donations from visitors like and


Ooh. I’ll check em out. Thank you!

Interesting, but I don’t think they’ll work very well, if I was honest. Thanks for the suggestion anyways though!


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