Send me build challenges


Heya guys, pretty simple send me in pics of things you would like for me to build. I am looking for some more blockheads challenges and seem to be building the same kinda thing over and over. This should be fun :wink:



Here’s a challenge: try rebuilding my ravine flyer 2 on your world or sp world. :slight_smile:

If you wish to see it fully you can go to rabbithole and then go right until you find it.


That’s sounds easy difficult…


Build a 1:1 replica of this post.


Build a pixel art version of Big Ben!


@Legoboy70 sorry i don’t really want to copy other peoples builds


I’ve mailed you please check x


Try building this!


Build a tower cake


Its fine by me, go ahead if you want :slight_smile:


why is this off topic?


Build parliament hill in Canada. WITH the Canadian flag.


I’m trying to build a beanstalk on Rabbithole, up to a giant’s house or castle in the clouds if you wanna help.

I don’t have any specific images, I’m just freehanding some twisting vines up into the sky.


If you build this, I’ll donate a month of credit to whichever server you choose. (But you have to actually try… it can’t be two dirt blocks derped down wherever. And yeah, I don’t wanna say it, but I gotta.)


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Try making this:


Do a time crystal pixel art


The “Beautiful Arts Palace” (Palacio de bellas artes), located in Mexico.


Oooh, very nice. That’s a beautiful roof.

How about the Basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?


That’s more challenging…