Send me build challenges


Sorry got super busy lately but slowly working my way through some of your challenges.

Downside of being a server owner is often there is no time to just have fun and build :see_no_evil: But here is what I worked on today…

Jarls Big Ben challenge and Wumbos challenge

Then Jasons Tower Cake challenge (sorry had to google it and did a fruit tower cake :joy: tried to be a healthy alt) and Bilinguals Dog Shoe :joy:

Thanks for the challenges I will make my way through them all eventually. I am having alotta fun with these.


OMG! :heart_eyes: I honestly didn’t think you’d do it!

I’m assuming you want the credit to go to sugarflop?


Honestly its not necessary! I really appreciated that build suggestion :joy: It was a lovely reprieve from all the serious builds :wink:


Nah, a promise’s a promise.


Wow, that’s awesome!



Very talented pixel artist!!