September Isles Server

About September Isles:
This server is like a city. There are government buildings, which in this world just means a building that gives jobs to people. If you want to create a shop, ask Glass Rose, and she’ll tell you how much it costs. If you want to build another city, ask Glass Rose or WoahJJ. If you want a job, ask a staff member. Jobs are listed below the staff.

Mailboxes have both a “to” and a “from” section. 1. The “to.” This is a shelf. (Staff and upgraded mailboxes have 2 or more shelves.) On the bottom shelf, you’ll put a sign with the players name and town that you’re sending it to. On the top, you’ll put a chest or shelf with the items. You can have up to 2 destinations max going out at a time on a default mailbox. 2. The “from.” This is where your mail goes. It is also a shelf. 3. “Specified homes.” These are homes far away from a post office that have their own mailbox, not organized with others. These cost 1 platinum coin.


  • Train Conductor - WoahJJ
  • Mailman - Winter Nights
  • Grocery Store Clerk - I Cant Chat Srry
  • Shop Owners - Glass Rose, WoahJJ, Winter Nights
  • Police Officer - Codeoffun
  • Jail Guard - OPEN
  • Mayors - Glass Rose, WoahJJ
  • Cartographer - OPEN
  • (Any more job ideas? Tell Glass Rose!)

Government Buildings:

  • Sunrise Power Plant
  • Spawn
  • Post Office
  • Jail
  • Grocery Store
  • any shop


  • Read the ENTIRE Welcome Message before first playing.
  • No advertising.
  • To use other people’s trade portals you must purchase a trading pass. All profits go to the PUBLIC FUNDS. You buy a trading pass in the form of a painting. The shops selling them are at any country.
  • You may not collect unknown items. If you come across one, go down the trash chute and drop it directly in lava. Please put it in a chest first.
  • Don’t plant vines without permission.
  • Don’t beg for Admin or Mod. EARN it.
  • Don’t curse or discriminate and be kind.
  • Don’t destroy other people’s builds!
  • Only mine through the MINING TUNNEL. It’s located to the left of the spawning portal.
  • All mailboxes should go in the POST OFFICE next to Spawn.
  • Your home can be as tall as you want, but only up to 20 blocks wide for your base. Once you’re at least 20 blocks above the ground, you can make your house at most 50 blocks wide.
  • Pay attention to the staff.
  • No trolling, griefing, or cursing.
  • 2 kicks=Ban
  • Don’t ask personal questions that could make someone uncomfortable or feel unsafe.
  • Don’t resell bought items or treasure from treasure hunts. You may sell gems and things found in golden chests, just not from events.
  • Please follow the specific rules for the town you’re in.
  • If you are leaving, take down your home and inform Glass Rose.

Any suggestions? The server is now open! (The world will be searchable.)


What if a staff member isn’t online?

You can put a letter in their mailboxes with signs. Thanks for pointing that out!

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A little off-topic but I really like the mailbox idea!


Wow nice server idea

Is the 4-5 PM in eastern time or central time?
Or any other time zone? You should list these just in case.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will do!

Event coming to September Isles on Christmas 2020: Santa Claus! An anonymous staff member will bring chests full of presents to everyone’s homes close enough to spawn wearing a Santa costume on a “reindeer” from 9 to 10:00PM on Christmas Eve! Keep your eyes out for Santa on Christmas!

Edit: Eastern Time (Thanks for pointing that out!)

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For what time zone would 9 to 10pm be?

Is it est? That would be 8-9 for me

We’re opening Sunday the 17th! (Tomorrow)

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No AFAIK :frowning:

We just opened!

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We’re having a weekly contest: Each week you have to find a hidden themed structure before anyone else. Then, take a picture of yourself next to it and post it on this forum or paint it and put it in the Contest Gallery below spawn. Enjoy! :smiley: This week: RAINBOW THEME

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Unicorns now available at Stained Glass Stables to left of Spawn and Glass Rose’s house!

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Shopping mall coming June 2020 to September Isles! If you want to be a part of the making, ask Glass Rose.

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For an hour right now on the server we will be answering any and all questions! If you were wondering about anything, just come and ask!

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Nobody has found the hidden RAINBOW THEME base yet! I forgot to mention that the prize is 20 platinum coins! The contest is over Friday!

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A reminder that this week’s hidden themed base contest ends today! (RAINBOW THEME)

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