[It should be noted that even if the world owner sets no rules, our standards and policies apply, and we reserve the right to enforce them as and when we see fit. This is at our discretion. - milla ]

Hello everyone, i have recently created a server with no rules that affect gameplay! there’s actually only 1 rule. Just listen to admins and mods then you should be fine and allowed to do whatever! (we have starters) the server also has a discord! https:/ /
the invite for the server is:
http:/ /
(it won’t let me put links because i’m a new user just remove the space between the slashes)
Have fun playing!


Is it a Mac server?

The link looks like it’s for a cloud server

This was made through the app so i believe this is a cloud server

Been playing since 2014, never gone onto the forums until now

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