SERVER: Android-kingdom

How to Join

  1. Share how long you have been playing blockheads by “replying” to this topic.

  2. Visit THIS LINK and post your application.

Server rules:No griefing, no stealing, no cursing,BE NICE AT ALL TIMES, No advertising,Portal chests are allowed,No PVP.

Portal chests!!

Portal chest cost= 15 gold coins

Electric benches and solar panels!

Free normal size rooms!!

If you want to be whitelisted PM me do not post your name in the comments.

Open 24/7
Server age: 1 week

The server is in the age of evolution and right now we are working on a project called CALUMON: THE MOVEMENT

The movement (phase 1) is the stage of evolution and complete change to the server we are currently working on making 5 skyscrapers in the main island 5 might seem like just a small portion But that is just phase 1.0. Due to this we will need some help but we need more builders. because its only 7 people working actively on the project. In the server we try NOT to use man made blocks such as steel,iron,copper,tin,bronze,gold blocks etc.

The movement (phase 2) Population and goals- We are trying to make one of the best community in blockheads. We are aiming to be in the top 5 our current population is is just 28 player as in because i only have 1 server for now.
.Be ranked among top 5 servers
.Build an outstanding comunity
.Get well results on everithing
.QUOTE-“the thing with me is everything i do has to come out perfect” said by "anonymous"
The movement (final stage) Our last and final crazy goal and something thats is almost impossible is COMPLETE DOMINATION (not over servers but over comunity) in other words to be #1

Admin requirments
.Active player
.Follow all rules.Be awesome (lol)
Phase 1 is already undergoing

UPDATE: Phase 2 and phase 1 have kind of (fused/joined)
Note:Movement going better than expected
Quote:One thing i like about this is hatters because when they hate on me it shows me im doing something right.-from anonymous
Note:I will update the thread when anything new happens.

*Your in game username
*active player or not
*acceptance of rules

If u support the movement just comment # I support the movement

Leave your thought and questions about the movement in a reply i will make sure to answer them

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Hi there Pizza, looks like you are working to build an awesome server. If you would like to tap into an awesome community of mature gamers who can help make your server awesome (building wise), you should consider making your server and MGN server. We are trying to get together some admins of server who can help and benefit each other in cool ways. Check this out:


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Awesome, we are all ready to go now. One way you can draw people to your server is to post some interesting topics in your server’s forum :):

It will also help your new members get to know each other and have a place to organize and get together.

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