Server (concept): A world that opens every summer and closes in fall


I was just talking to my self and I thought up some sort of concept.

What would happen if there was a server where the server is open on a certain date of June and closes in october.

And I was also talking about how every reopening it would introduce a lot of new things and improve the server a lot. Maybe awesome buildings and spawn portal movements from time to time.

Seems like a great concept, now if we could make actual amusement parks this would be great for this!

Let me know how you like this concept. Please note that I have no plans to make this an actual world but I am just talking about it instead


You would get a bunch of impatient players :wink:


I think that would actually be kinda cool, especially if maybe you cant afford to fund it year-round so you save your money and fund it for that amount of time… now im kinda thinking of those fairs they used to have in medieval europe every year with all the merchants and stuff… maybe that could be a theme… i dont know, but cool concept B)


like a summer camp kinda thing? that would be so fun!:joy:


Seems like a waste of credit


I love this concept!


If you’re going to let it run out of credit between summers it would be a good use of credit, but keeping it in credit outside the season it’s in use does seem wasteful. The concept is great.


Just don’t use credit after summer


It could also open on holidays and vacations. That way when one half of the world is on winter break and the other half is on summer vacation you might still meet up.


I really like it! Although it would make some impatient, it would definitely bring a lot of anticipation. It would be cool if someone put this to the test.