Server concept (Bird Box)


After watching the movie Bird box i feel it should become an actual server, albeit a concept it will follow how the events in the movie play.

You will need to watch the movie for yourself so we don’t have spoilers but if someone is up to it they can make this a reality.

Of course maybe like maze runner it would have strict rules, but of course its up to you on making the rules


Isn’t the movie R-rating?
Also, how would this be? I haven’t really watched it, but as I know, you can’t see, if you take off the bandage, you “lose”…
So, how could this be on a server?


I presume you mean a server with abandoned homes and such, but going outside is incredibly dangerous?


I call crazy person.




Bird box is something trendy! I love the concept of it!! I don’t have anything else to say. :joy::joy::wink:


How would it work? Would it be that you can’t survive outside?
How would the blindfold stuff work? Would you have to close your eyes irl everytime you went outside? How would you even manage that?

Just some thoughts.


and this is why we need add-ons and better animals and stuff like that

Autocorrect tried correcting ons 5 times.


Maybe you could make the sky 100% black, so it’dbe Hard to make out anything in the world. Or we could use an always night option if it existed.


But what about the creatures?


That’s the main issue, maybe you could place down tons ignore pine trees and cacti to introduce scorpions. Also, I think a pure black sun would work from testing (zooming out is kind of OP though.)



Drop bears. You can’t see them in the dark background


Nor will you ever be sure if it’s night or day.


this would be awesome with a one hit death


Agreed, maybe with mobs also being more aggressive.


I wonder if there are any Hunger Games servers still alive… I searched but they were all out of credit…


I highly doubt it