Server Crash associated with a particular player

I’m hoping some of you smart coders and techies can provide some theories on this.
There’s a particular player who keeps trying to join Skeeve’s City and within seconds of joining, the server crashes - disconnecting all players and reloading the world.

Looking at the console, this is the message I see each time:

Exiting due to exception in pollNetEvents ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’ (reason ‘[NSMutableIndexSet-addIndexesInRange:]: Bad range’)

My suspicion is that this player has done something to alter their device and give them some attribute which causes the “bad range” error.
I’m not certain if the player is aware and crashing the server on purpose or unaware. However, the player seems to be doing it on purpose because I have banned the IP address about a dozen times to date but they keep changing their IP after being banned and logging back on.

Fortunately, the time between attempts is anywhere from several hours to several days and Skeeve’s City isn’t being harmed - just annoying for some players who experience the crashes.

Would like to know your thoughts on what may be causing this and if my theory makes sense.


The great @Bibliophile would know more, I’m sure, but your theory makes sense to me. The fact that they keep changing their IP AND device ID to get back on sends up big red flags to me. They are most likely being malicious.

If you are using the bot, you might want to at least temporarily use the VPN blocker extension. It might not prevent the crashes because the player has to join to be identified and any new IP from a VPN is auto banned. But it would do your work for you.

The next step would be to whitelist which is rather drastic but would definitely stop them.


I’ve had to whitelist a couple times because of it I definitely think it’s that player

But the ban button doesn’t work with that player either


I’m not sure about this but could it be they are unplugging their router/modem for a while to get a new ip without a vpn… this could be really dumb i don’t really know how that stuff works


I don’t think unplugging your router would give you a new ip it’s assigned by router device

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im aware of that, thats why i noted the long periods of time… could long periods of time reset it

I know there are “hacks” that give you speed, and if you enable it and set the speed to say 9999 and then meditate, it will make the player spew out a ton of meditated items, making the server crash. Not sure if that’s what’s happening here, but it could be an option. They don’t need to have any items spawned in for this to work either, they just need to log on and meditate.


Seems plausible. I don’t think we’ve actually seen the player’s character in game, but something like that might be going on.

people just don’t stop finding new ways to screw things up, on the internet technically anything is possible, if anyone has the time to do this on an old kids game they must have way too much on their hands… that’s dangerous

Even after Bibliophile’s departure, is the bot still being maintained?

Your IP address will change every so often. Most IP addresses are not static.

Hello, goog morning,

What I have seen in local networks is preferred IP being used by the client. So I believe the modem probably will asks the network for it’s old IP back.

My bet is in anonymous proxies in the middle. The end server will see the IP of the proxies.

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Where did Bibliophile go and why am I not notified of these things! :joy:


yea idk what happend why skeeve city are unpopular but sorry not to join😅

Somehow I missed that post from Bib. Aww, that is really sad - Bibliophile added so much to the community and he may not think so, but his presence here once in a while is very much useful.


I concur. I don’t check every day and sometimes let weeks go by, but I usually wander back to check in on things. We must form a rescue party!!!

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What about ip banning the player? Would that work?

Unfortunately, that has already been ruled out.

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Naturally, I’ve been IP banning. It works, but only temporarily. However, it seems to take the person a long time to get a new IP. I sometimes don’t see him return for several hours. So the effort it takes for me to ban is far less than it takes him to renew an IP.

I can keep this up forever. Whereas, I doubt that he can. Eventually he will just get bored and realize he has wasted time he will never get back.