Server Crashing Issue

Every time I join my favorite server, the game crashes on me. I made a new character but it still crashes before I can get in. Why is this happening? I’m able to enter other servers. Just not this one.

Are the crashes happening on an Android device?

The crashes are occurring on my iPhone (SE 2020).

It’s probably be the world has a lot of builds I tend to lag out if world’s have a lot of builds normally older worlds lag more

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What is the name of the server you’re trying to join?

Natures Blossom
(Owner is Starlight)

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I never crash that Idk I’ve been going to starlight world’s since she make the first starlight sky’s and I’ve never crashed except because of my WiFi

Found a solution!

I hade to “forget world” and rejoin it under the same username. Kept all my stuff too. :grin:

I’m surprised that it wasn’t a memory leak. :thinking:

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I’m not. This is a common issue. Sometimes it takes forgetting the world. Sometimes it just takes a phone reboot.