Server Credit Complaints


Who thinks that in order to make a server or keep one running you have to pay for it is stupid? I used to have lots of servers and thousands of TC then i stopped for at least a year. I tried to get on my old most favorite server, Carbon Isle, and it said “Add Credit” , so i tapped it and now you have to pay $0.99 cents or $2.99. Im broke, so that means no more server. Please change it back


The only reason the way you have to get server credit changed is because of pirated time crystals.

90% of Blockheads users were pirating time crystals, blame them.


Yes. It’s stupid that so many players would pirate an in game currency to the point that the developer would have to step in and change it like he did. Many of thought it was about time though.

Here’s Dave’s own explanation.


Thanks for your feedback. I’m afraid that this is not going to happen in the remaining life of this game. Dave wore the financial weight of TC piracy for as long as he could. The upcoming new game, Sapiens, has no business model yet, so that’s the best place to aim monetisation suggestions with us right now :slight_smile: