Server Credit Giveaway! (Currently closed)

There should be a charity thread for add credit give away you guys will help a player loved to be a owner on there servers!


I beat you all to it

Icarus by me.

Icarus was originally by Derpy Pig…

Waiting for 2-4 people to start up!

This seems great,hope you will help as much as you can for the players in need :slight_smile:

I want a sever so that I can help new player and show people what beautiful things you can built with the blockheads

Sure ill make a server for you and pass the ownership if you win!

I want it because me and my friend has a server,but we are a kiddos,so we can pay for it.Also its the last russian working server(its off currently now).So ill be happy to have some credit for it

Sure please provide name and the owner of the server

Name: crystal meadow
Owner: Leha2004#1

The spin is starting soon only waiting for 1-2 people!

WoW this is cool making server for player who will be win of thus credit giveaway I wanted to be funder too but theres a reason why I cant use my credit card to buy a credit worl sorry but I’ll support this charity :smiley:

I asked my dad and i got 3 ITunes Giftcards so im gonna use 1 for the giveaway and ill use 2 for apps or other games for my self

Cool! While me always saving for my money in my saving and that money can buy using my credit which my parent not allowed me to use they just said always saved your money dont waste it with useless things. They are kinda strick sorry.

Usually its a common issue but i asked my dad to convert my poket money into giftcards!

You should also saved money if u gonna make charity like this hehe are you going to make video while giving a server who will be the choosen lucky person title Hnandj charity :lol:

ill show the winners!


Omg cant wait