Server credit warning

Just added server credit to an old world so I could check out one of my old buildings, but I then figured out I was not whitelisted afterwards.

Would be nice to just have a warning to prevent u from adding server credit to a world that you can’t join. “Hey, even if you add this credit, you’re not whitelisted and won’t be able to join”


Oooof then you waste your money…


Send Milla a private message so you can get a refund.

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Yup. Thanks. This is more directed to an additional pop up as a feature rather than how to get my money back, but I definitely appreciate the input.

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I can’t refund. Players need to go to Apple and query purchases to get refunds. I have however transfer the credit to another world.

If you private message me, @Bren, we can get that sorted out for you :slight_smile: