Server don’t appear

Hi first sorry if my English is bad but I’m french
So, I av make an online server.
The money has been credited from my account but the server didn’t appear I really want help please.
I av reinstall the game but always nothing

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Did you try searching for the name of the server?
If you cant find the server even after searching for it, use the owner portal to change the server name(that is if you even have it registered).
If nothing works then try contacting support or send a private message to milla here on the forums and they might help solve your problem.

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I tried to cherche is name but nothing and I didn’t see it in the portal.
How can I send message to milla i’m new and where can I contact the support ?

You can send a message to Milla by going on her profile, and click ‘message’.
To contact support send an email to:

Pretty sure Rem doesn’t have the privilege to PM Milla yet, isn’t there a trust level requirement?

Yep, there is. I totally forgot, thanks for the reminder :smiley:

I’ve send a message to the suport but he says me to contact Milla but I don’t find how to contact milla

@milla Gotham City calls on you!


I can send message now!!!
I ave send a message to milla

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Doesn’t this belong in #bugs-glitches?

Yes, that seems fairly suitable for a topic like this. I will move it right now. :slight_smile:

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