Server for video

I have been wanting to make server review videos on youtube.
the problem, I have no clue what servers to review.
so I’m asking everyone who has a good server to
a.let me review it
b.tell me what it is called
c.if it is a mac server what the IP/URL is and the port
let me know if you have a good server for me to review

My cloud server is good for reviewing, GIANTS owned by BROTHER RABBIT. Feel free to review it. :slight_smile:


thanks i will look in to it
im on it right now


I have a cloud server. Tell me how it’s doing, it’s called
Just pm me photos of the world, yknow?

What about Unihorse?

I think it’s best to wait for the owner’s permission to do the server for video @WumboJumbo and @BUILDITME1 :slight_smile:

I’m blind