Server: Fringe

Server: Fringe, Owner: P1neapple

Survival 4x world, no “starter kits”. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Please no inappropriate display pictures or usernames or you will be permanently banned.

You can build anywhere that is not protected. Building near spawn is not recommended. Nice builds may be protected if you ask an admin. Buildings close to spawn may be unprotected if you are not actively playing.

• Please do not place down shops with portal chests or diamond portals inside of them. Excessive amounts of portals around a general area will be removed.

• DO NOT PLACE SCORPIONS TO PURPOSELY KILL PLAYERS. You will be banned on sight if you are caught doing this. Appeals will not be accepted.

• Destroying player builds is allowed, but frowned upon.

• PvP is allowed. Hide in doors to avoid PvP. Pausing during PvP is allowed.

• No PvP at the spawn portal. You will be warned and/or banned if this continues after being told to stop.

• Listen to the staff members. If a staff member is abusive, please report them using discord or an in-game report.

• Hackers are allowed here, just do not abuse your hacks. Hackers that destroy items that cannot be destroyed by normal players will have their IPs and devices banned.

• Try to build far away, i.e.: in the sky or under the ground. Houses on the ground generally will not be protected unless really far away from spawn. (Note: ground houses should have a wood door on the first floor so players don’t have to climb over it)

• Do not impersonate or pretend to be a staff member.

• Please try not to spam the chat.

• Please post in the ban appeal discord chat if you feel that your ban was unjustified. There is a template, please copy and paste it, and fill it out.

Server was created February 14, 2021

Discord Server:


Your server is beautiful from what I have seen so far. :blush:


You’re not alone! :lol:

The sequel: Samsung Smart Fridge