Server Graveyard

This is a thread where we can list servers we enjoyed that inevitably died and share some of our memories.
For example, rest in peace SPONGEBOB TOWERS (2014),it taught me how to use trade portals to enhance a servers economy.
It doesn’t have to be in any specific format, just at least have the server name.
(Side question: Should this be changed to Forum Games catagory?)


I think #general-discussion or #multiplayer , because it’s about game servers that aren’t being funded/ not around

Rip Yolo Admins Gone Wild

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RIP Fluffy Unicorns. It was the first multiplayer server I joined and eventually got admin on. It’s where my journey started.

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RIP Majic Wands…for giving me a lot of freedom on to build with, even if some of the admins didn’t like them, and letting me be a DADA Professors and all my students.

RIP Ocean Keep, my old server that never really took off…

RIP Siege and Revolt, which was the first server I’ve ever got to manage

Man I miss the clan PvP

R.I.P Majic Paradise. It was the first server that i ever loved :cry:
(It had a war against another server and now its basically dead)

I miss Dome Wars V3, V2, and V1
The owner locked the servers :{

(Fun fact: Prison servers are Dome War/Spawn Pvp + Maze + Economy)

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RIP… Uhh… Darn it! I forgot the name… But umm… I had the most fun I ever had there as a co-owner. Until I got banned for no reason while I was offline.

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Rip Storm Survival and 2020
Storm Survival died because of griefers and hackers
2020 died because @Gaareth left for some time.

RIP The Underworld, a PvP server with roles you had to choose…Juggernaut, Knight or Archer.
I was a Juggernaut.

It got too peaceful after a while and died out…

RIP Tin Woods, the first server I’ve played on. I remember a lot of starvation and crying. Also, more starvation.

RIP Block Wars 1 and 2 by @_The_A, which eventually died (multiple times)

RIP Pvp Plebs, the last server i played on before joining the forums.

RIP 2020 and Valkyrie, since soul’s, well, for lack of a better word, dead.

I’d say goodbye to Dedede’s Kingdom and Empire, the first of which was the first server I truly(ish) played on, leading me to the latter many years later which led me to 2020 and Valkyrie and the forums.

Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge (Skeeves Challeng)

Excited for the new survival world he’s working on, but the fun (and pain) of trying to survive in SGC was awesome.


R.I.P. Pieplace, a server created during 2013 which died a few months after cloud servers were created. The server was eventually migrated from BlockServer to cloud but died because of inactivity. In a way, this led to the creation of my original servers.
@Celadon Maybe one day I’ll revive £Block Wars£ again.

Rip dodo shores. It was actually the first server I joined a looongggg time ago. I was a newbie then so it wasn’t that grand. It’s still not now that I think about it.

R.I.P. Smite.
It was one of the very first servers I joined, the place where I first got a taste of admin powers, and undoubtedly had the nicest owner. Unfortunately, it died off.

R.I.P. Electric Fields.
The first server I created myself. It died due to a hacker. Sad. It’s also the place where I found my first Cave Troll.

R.I.P Supa Maze Escape
“I wasted 2000 time crystals for a server that doesn’t even work”

Silver Star, and Silver Star Public (The original that didn’t last long)

Some of the first servers I actually played on regularly. One of my favorite worlds. I think I joined Silver Star Public in 2013, and maybe the main server in 2013 or 2014.