Server idea please

So i have a old server which is survival mode and is 1/16 in size any suggestions what theme i can make and open it like for what that server would be i already have alot ideas but becuase of these resons i cant make the server according to the ideas:
I am just online at saturday and sunday
I am lazy at building :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am low on money in my portal chest

(Sorry for my english i wrote all of this in a hurry)

wouldnt recommend pixel art because of the size, but probably a survival server. for instance you could start players with a fur coat, 5 sticks, and 10 dodo meat. After this, they would defend for themselves and make their own homes.

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What if they end up running out of resources?

How about a shopping server?

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rules such as np breaking tree stumps would be implied

What about other resources?

I just think about a theme its hard but ill try thanks for your suggestions

That is a really good idea for using the super small size! I imagine a server shop where portal chests are free and available for people to use to move their purchases between different servers


Make it pvp and build something small for the spawn

I was thinking of that because it is a world in which portal chests can be used. It can be a centralized shopping location for all players who wish to buy something and port it into other servers. It can also be a centralized location for people selling things like unicorns, dodos, tulips, etc.

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Thanks for your siggestions i like the shopping server suggestion the most can u give me guidance how to build it like rules and other stuff ( PM ME)

For such a small server I would make it a trading server, maybe. Also, according to your preference you could decorate the server with painting of your favourite shows.

I was going to make a Pokémon. Hehe

For me, I was made admin to my friends server and I helped decorate the place. Maybe spawn look good, provide resources for new players and maintain the food farm around it. Placed down upgraded benches for people to use and I decorate the place sometimes, accounting to the celebration in certain parts of the year.

Like hearts for valentines and eggs for Easter. It’s pretty fun maintaining a server.

Also it helps if you have admins you can trust. Two days a week is not really enough intersection with your server if you want more people to join it.

I already think of the server and thanks for the idea thought