This is sorta a joke-it came from starlight Sky’s. But if you guys really want it, I’ll consider making it. It’ll have relationships with ss4 tho.

Welcome to Spicy Chicken, home of the SPICY people.


  1. you can only eat certain things: dodo meat (now called chicken), peppers, spicy chicken stew (anything that that has chicken), and coffee
  2. If you break any rules, you must be punished by a staff member. You must be stripped from any armor and by hit by a staff member holding CHICKEN. (Death by CHICKEN if you break rules 3 times) and no, this doesn’t break your 8 Amendment rights. according to this world…
  3. No inappropriate content/nsfw or advertising.
  4. No littering/spam littering
  5. There is a Spciy Chicken Court with 9 SPICY PEOPLE OF Justice. Make your cases wisely. And don’t spam same cases. You can’t appeal too btw. Deal with it.
  6. Greifing isn’t allowed
  7. Don’t ask for admin or mod position/abuse it if you have it
  8. You can make roasts, but they have to be SUPER SPICY
    That’s it so far…


This makes me hungry for spicy food!


Whats the server theme?



P.S. @shadowolf you should make a poll and see what people think.


Best idea ever


Good idea


Do you want to see this server idea become an actual server?

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