Server Improvements

I love playing on servers but I think that it is annoying looking for good servers. RP / Dating servers are extremely annoying (personally) because they always find a way around the filter. They may swear or use sexual language and it doesn’t always get filtered. Please try improve the word filter to stop these sort of servers from appearing. Thanks :slight_smile:

People will still find ways to get through all filters, if you catch them doing that just report them to milla and they will be banned depending on how much they did it.


I’m sorry but these servers grow population of the multiplayer, don’t expect everything to be one giant kids playground. Imagine how people will react when videos with curse words get taken down, they are bad but we had the freedom I don’t want this game to become so strictly into family friendliness, and i’m Sorry to say this but you shouldn’t expect all of the BH community to end up like us innocent and kind mature people, because it isn’t this is a small corner.

they have their freedom, plus there is a muting option, or maybe don’t play on the server at all, I get it it’s a kids game but most of the time I don’t see people on this website playing random public worlds, and they should because sometimes it’s fun.

When I was in 6th grade I always talk to my friends about weird mature stuff ( not all the time though ) we used to always make these immature offensive jokes all day at my table. But, imagine this like high quality detecter that will sense anything weird somebody said or look for curses anybody said, in the end we would just be like “hello…friend, my good man, oh yes! I-i like new school, this good. V-very good agree ha ha ha ha” anime server are meant for chatting, chatting like people do at a middle school lunch table full of weaboos, let them be free

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Not trying to be rude but like maharjan said you could just leave the server and let them live how they wanna live

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The problem with that is there are predators out there who take advantage of youngsters like those kids. They may be fooling around but you never know who is really on the other side of that screen. They think they are just fooling around with kids their own age but there could be a sick monster who will use the opportunity to gain personal information. Kids are always sharing too much online. The Blockheads staff doesn’t want that culture in their game respect that. It is for the safety of the community.


You can PM milla with:

  1. The server it occurred on
  2. When it happened (time, date, and time zone)
  3. The players involved (their full IGNs and IP if available)
  4. How they got around the filter so she can add those words to the filter
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All the recommendations above are great. For an immediate fix to your problem… perhaps you should visit servers that are recommended to you by trusted friends or you can try checking out servers on this list. There are many servers that zero tolerance for the behavior that you mention.

This is a good list of interesting servers to get you started: (I need to update this… will do so this week).