Server issues

hello, my server is rated top 1, but it has some issues with cheaters bypassing bans and players lagging out. in my logs it saids server failed to send packets. is their anything the devs can do to fix my server? and start to cloudban the people bypassing a server ban. they keep 1 tapping people on a pvp server.

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All I can do is suggest ip banning them every time you see them join and they’ll give up eventually not exactly sure how to Ip ban

they keep using vpns

Try to get their device id and ban that. I don’t think that could be gotten around.

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If you can set up and use the Message Bot created by Bibliophile, there’s an extension created by @Wingysam that will ban VPN users.

Is the extension reliable now?

Yes, it’s pretty reliable. I’ve been using it for over a month. It may have banned some legit players who use a VPN without malicious intent, but I know it has banned a number of malicious players, so there’s a tradeoff, which I can live with. Nobody has come to me and said they got banned “for no reason”. And there’s a way to whitelist someone who promises to be good, but uses a VPN for security.

If someone who has a VPN (not for malicious intent) joins your server and they automatically get banned, how can they get on the whitelist (if they even know about it in the first place)?

Well they’ll hopefully be on discord or forums lol

They might not be on Discord though.

or the forum. Or they could try to join without an VPN. I wish the extension could put up some sort of message before banning, but I don’t think that’s altogether feasible. Maybe I can discuss it with Wingy

They might not know why they got banned in the first place though.

Yeah, there’s no ban message option :frowning:

Maybe have a popup on the welcome message that will probably trigger before the bot does? It would involve adding like a 3s delay on bans.

I really hate popup messages. There isn’t any way to put a delay in the bot is there?

You are now off-topic, and this discussion should move to the message bot thread.

@Senergy just to add this on, if you believe people are continuing to use vpns there are a couple alternatives besides spam banning them, using an outside bot job, or the like of ignoring them

you could whitelist the server to the frequent joiners all besides the user(s), which you can use the bot to find all the usernames besides that one with a different extension

if it is a severe case of bypassing or ‘raiding’ (or just griefing), you should just pm milla or another staff about that, if you can provide evidence against the contraries, she or another staff can take appropriate action against them

you’ll want to screenshot the content or parts of the log proving the bypass or anything that proves they’re doing this maliciously such as:

“i used another account again”, “i keep bypassing the ban via vpn”, anything obvious like that can go a long way for that trial

What if instead of banning you could kick but have a message send out first like “remove VPN then attempt to join” just so players who are using it strictly for security won’t get banned or use it with the warn system, so if they connect they get warned then get a message.

Join > message > warn=kick > max warn limit hit = ban

Edit; also I’m not sure there using vpns to bypass bans I’ve attempted that before and joined a fresh server and asked to get banned, they banned me then I changed vpns and still was banned when I tried to join a new account.

Coincidence. You either connected via the same node, or the second node was already banned. The IP ban function only bans a single IP address, rather than a block.

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