Server keeps turning into ghost world


Cloud world, Giants, owned by @Brer-Rabbit keeps on turning into a ghost world. Repetitively. Earlier I died of starvation while I was gone. This has been going on for close to a week.


If it is a mac server then this is a normal thing




It is a cloud world.

@anon85547976 A ghost world is one where a bunch of players are in away mode with no actions being made.


I once died of starvation when I left Giants when my blockhead was crafting something. I lost 2 baskets, 9 empty safes and a stack of copper coins. 3 other blockheads nearly died on seperate occasions by just standing but fortunately I saved them just in time.

I am considered fortunate. Others I know have lost stacks of platinum coins, rainbow unicorns and safes full of stuff. In addition to losing stuff, the dead blockhead gets sent back to spawn and that is terrible if you live far away.

Please fix this. Nowadays I have to make sure that all my blockheads are meditating before I leave the server so I don’t lose my stuff. That means no crafting can take place when you leave.


Wow. That is very unfortunate.


Sadly, the best remedy is stopping all actions before leaving a server… if you worry about this happening. I know it’s a bummer, since many of us have been used to crafting and completing arduous tasks while away (eager to return with it all being completed). But, obviously, lag issues have change the stability of doing this.


I will restart the server when there is an excessive amount of away players now.


That’s really sad. :frowning: