Server lag alot


Hey milla idk y i cant msg u but i am reporting my server called kyromx gaming cause it lags a lot and we didnt let anyone to use pc and dupe cause when they have pc they bring lot of heavy stuff but im still facing da lag and i hope u r goona take action on it


Almost every server I go to lags really bad to the point where I can’t play. What’s going on?


Me and my friend just wasting our money when there server is freaking laggy


There’s an ongoing investigation into the lag issues. Do you have a lot of animals on your server? or a lot of bench types with animation? Like flywheels, generators, furnaces, etc. Or perhaps a lot of portals all over the place? These things all amp up the lag factor.


It’s a bit new


What sort of lag do you experience? It may only be due to your client connection, which the developer can’t fix.


What are you playing on? I’ve just had a wee run around on there, on an iPhone8 with no trouble. I’m about to try an iPad Mini.


I have a strong WiFi connection. Definitely not a problem in terms of connectivity.


omg dude it is laggy cause i thought my ipad is the 1 give the lag but it lag out my friend server as welll


Look for draining water also. Holes in the bottom of oceans can cause tremendous lag.


I can’t find draining water on any server. The lag occurs on all servers.


As Milla said, what device do you play on? Do you have a lot of apps in your memory? I don’t really notice much lag even on cellular data.


Are you on the latest version of The Blockheads? On iOS, that’s 1.7.3.


I never have any other apps open in the multitasker.

Yes I am.


Thanks, Wumbo.

Is this all worlds, certain worlds, or a single world?


All worlds.


So, singleplayer, Mac, and cloud? Or just all cloud worlds?


Mac and cloud.


Is anyone else going to contribute to this? @tamilchelvan? I need data or this is going to go nowhere :slight_smile:


im on ipad mini 4
game is up to date