Server lag alot


So in a nutshell:

  1. You and your friends are lagging.
  2. It happens in every mac and cloud world.
  3. You even lag in new worlds no matter what.
  4. You are on the latest update and it still happens.
  5. Your link leads to iPad Pro but you claim you got an iPad Mini.

Next Questions In Contribution:

  1. Are you on Cellular/Wifi/Wired?
  2. What is your average internet download speed?
  3. Is your iPad broken in any way?


Starlight sky lags also we crash every 20 mins or so I’ve been taken unused portals down and also animals it isn’t helping.


What about moving water and flywheels?


will unknowns cause lags?


I think so.


I took flywheels down too still lag and crash


I have been experiencing a simular problem…


Please check how well your internet works on


Moving water? Unknowns?


My internet speed is 43 M down and 8.5 M up


my internet download speed is 92mbps and amy upload speed is 45mbps


I don’t think internet speed will cause the server to crash.


My internet is too good. :sunglasses:


I’m going to keep track how often the server disconnects us it’s usally about every 20 mins or so


Have you checked any safes or chests for items causing the lag?


I am experiencing the same problem from today… I am crashing out a lot…:face_with_monocle:


Hi Wumbo I’ve been checking safes and chests I’m pretty active on my server so I look everyday.Thanks


Did you confiscate any items that could possibly cause lag and throw them in magma?


Tip: To find any water draining you need to find a slight concave (2 long chicanes(a weird curve)) in the sea.

Basically if the sea is not straight, then water is draining and you’re lagging (no pun intended).


yes that can cause tremendous lag and it was very hard to fix.