Server lag ridiculous


So my server is dead laggy like when I break a block or place a block there is a 5-10 second delay for it to either place or break and when I look in chests it keeps saying loading for 10-20 seconds and I’m getting a lot of connection issues and lagging out I’ve asked other players and there saying there experiencing lag aswell so idk what to do I’ve done /stop a few times but it didn’t seem to help can anybody help thanks


A few things that may help or effect lag:
-do not have more portals than you need as they cause lag
-large bodies of water
-excess lights
-compressing water with doors
-fruit harvest (litter, vines,floating objects)
-alot of paintings
and wow you have alotta tc ! :open_mouth:


No wonder Atmos died.


I don’t know whether this applies for servers but often in my SP a lot of animals cause lag.


I think it does and piles of junk on the floor too.


Okay thanks so like all the following


Wow,nice unknown mall I see.
And a secret hideout at the lava chamber xD


That’s a lot of portals.


A lot but its more like a typical amount found in a server.


I can tell you right now that the portal overload is your major lag contributor. The water sitting around is also not helping. Any litter should be picked up and disposed of by throwing down into lava. Clean up those three things and you will see a significant reduction in server lag. If it is still laggy start looking at the quality of paintings and the amount of light production. The unknowns can also visit the lava they are nothing to mess with.


Okay thanks