Server Lag

Hi there! In the past couple days my server has become very laggy. I had someone lose a safe to a glitch twice, and it is taking a long time to mine and place blocks. Normally I’d just shrug these things off, but I can’t anymore. I’m getting a bug where if I place a block on a certain space, it takes awhile to show up, and when it does it stays for a couple seconds and breaks itself. It is very frustrating. I’ve already tried /stop and it didn’t work. I was hoping one of you could help me fix this.

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Do /debug-log and paste what it tells you

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Have you already tried using /repair?

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I just did. That worked! Thank you!

I think your server memory is high so everything is lagging

Can you do my last request so that we can see how much memory it’s using?

Sure, you want me to paste it here?

Yeah here

Oh my theory was correct (I think)
The memory is 2500 mb (just like @GlassRose ‘a server so it gets really laggy
I don’t know much solutions for it

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