Server lagg


Hey I need help on my friends server it is very laggy and it take few minutes to enter the game and it crash after few sec any solution to solve this problem


If its an older server with lots of items, try removing:

  • portals
  • unused shops, other items
  • water that is not in a lake or cave or something

Also, avoid duplicating, if you do. That is a big factor of lag and crashes.


There are ways you can reduce lag on servers. The number one way is to reduce the number of portals that you have up. The more your server is developed the more stuff it has to load. Each portal keeps that macro loaded even when no one is looking there. Limit light sources and paintings in your buildings. Avoid or limit the use of blocks with animations like water, platinum, flywheels, or fire sources. If you are experiencing extreme lag check the oceans for a leak. Draining water will cause server crashing lag every time.



I almost forgot about that guide!


If the lag is specific to your player, you might be in possession of some lag inducing items like nested safes, or merely a large quantity of safes or chests which in turn contain some of the items mentioned above, like shops, portals, trade portals, or paintings. Storing those will create a lot of data in your inventory, and sooner or later the basket just might turn into an unknown.

Test this by creating a new user on that server and see if you can stay logged in for longer.


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