Server list changes

i feel like having the servers in a row like makes them hard to find, what i mean by that is how you have to scroll through them all, just like the other suggestion i made i don’t think this’d get added any more than the other, but it would be nice to see rather than a junky amount of scrolling, a nice organized list of servers in alphabetical or other queryable orders, and can be searched as well

let’s also assume that people have joined a server that is currently private, that’d still be in their list because they’ve joined it before, and i feel like showing the details of being public/searchable/private or whitelisted/passworded next to the server on the personal list would be very helpful, because that isn’t the case now either

this is common frustration going through them all is so boring, this should also be organized for mac servers (not just cloud) and singleplayer worlds too, like three separate sections, and when you look at it acts similar to the actual server lookup list, might also be good to add the option to bulk forget servers or bulk delete worlds in that

You used to be able to search for servers using the owner’s username, but that was eventually removed.

If they brought it back, I would be in cloud nine.

not sure one would delete that, but i’m not even talking about the searching server list i mean your own personal list based off what you’ve joined already

If Dave was back, I would be in cloud 10

I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

he made some changes here recently

That isn’t an indication of anything.

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