Server name Ideas

Anyone have an Idea for what I should name my server? I’m planning to make one where I’m owner but I really don’t know… any ideas?

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What are your plans regarding theme, play style, rules, etc? That should suggest ideas.



Maybe you should use one of the randomly generated server names.

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A good name would be “the pit of potato chips and glory”

Fish Woods.
Lol, I’m just kidding. A bit of trivia though: Fish Woods was one of the first Cloud Worlds created when version 1.5 was launched. If I have my facts right - the world was created by Majic Jungle and “Fish Woods” was an auto-generated name. It had no owner, and it was only made as a safeguard just in case there were not enough user-created Cloud Worlds. Obviously there was no fear of that!

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other “Fish Woods” servers out there now since the auto-generation of names is still in use and may have randomly come up again.

Anyway - it would be funny if you named your server that in honor of the very first Cloud World.


I think I might just do that :smiley:

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There are 37 worlds named FISH WOODS, and I’ve added credit to the original, in case anyone wants to explore.


Wow 37! That’s a lot higher than I expected, but then again, I don’t know the total number of random names possible. And of course, you never know… someone could have intentionally named their server “Fish Woods” and we wouldn’t know if it was random-generated. :smiley:


Nice lil world so far. I think I’ll take vacays there. :cowboy_hat_face:
I actually like that it’s Custom so as to alleviate the temptation to work up to a PC and “raid” it too much. :wink: :clown_face:

How about “tales of the forbidden city”?