Server not working?


So after I bought the server, nothing happened. It’s not on my worlds list and when I search it up nothing happens. My friend also has the same problem. What can I do?? Can I somehow get a refund or do I have to wait or…?


Are you sure the transaction went through? (Did you get an email from either Google or Apple?)

If you did I’m not sure why the server isn’t there… @milla may be able to assist then.


Sorry, I haven’t made an Apple purchase in a long time and forgot it’s still pending. So when I get an email, it should go up? Sorry for the inconveniency


Well, with the servers though the server should start automatically and it should put it in the spinner.

Have you ever been on your Owner Portal before? You could check if it’s there. If this is your first server, that won’t be possible to check I don’t think.


This is my first server.


Wait for the transaction. Then PM Milla once it’s through.


So the transaction isn’t pending anymore. I know this may sound dumb, but how do I PM her? And how will she help me?


Tap this >> @milla << and then tap message.


This happens to me sometimes when I’m topping up server credit. I take a picture of the pending transaction in my bank statement, then PM milla with the server details, error description, and my support ID when or if it hasn’t rolled over by itself.


At some point we’re wanting to get a bug-fix update out. Until that can happen I’m either adding credit, creating worlds and giving them to the customer, or referring the customer on to the people they need to contact for refunds. Most IAPs seem to go through fine, but more are failing since 1.7 than did before.

If you want me to add credit to an existing world, or to create your world for you, you can either PM me here (quickest way), or email our support address, which is support at theblockheads dot net.

If you prefer a refund, and are an Apple customer, you can click the query link in your transaction history in iTunes, or in the receipt email Apple sends you, and ask Apple for the transaction to be reversed. Apple doesn’t let us issue refunds, so that’s why I can’t help with that myself.

If you prefer a refund, and are an Android customer, you can contact Android support at Noodlecake Studios by clicking the link in the Support section of the HELP/CREDITS screen, reached from the in-game pause menu.

I have responded to the PM from the OP.