Server Opening: Magic Software!

Hello all, I would like to introduce a server that l will be making public on Sunday, 31st May - Magic Software.

Server info: vanilla, non-expert, mixture of freebuild and city area, 1x

My server, despite being temporarily private while changes are being made, is often active going up to 8 players (and sometimes more) daily- whether it’s myself or another player playing. It is also encouraged to send reports when necessary as I am active on the owner portal too. There is a discord link below if any players wish to contact me regarding the server.


• no intentional spamming*
• no hacking/cheating*
• no advertising*
• no duping
• censor any curse words (light curses only)
• refrain from discussing sensitive topics
• no bullying
• do not threaten any players
• do not imposter other players*
report players when necessary
don’t ask/beg for mod or admin

Players that do not follow rules with an asterik (*) will be given an immediate ban. As for the other rules there will be a strike before a temporary ban (ranging from 1 hour to permanently depending on severity)

edit: im no longer putting coins here… an hour after making this station someone took ALL of the coins ;-;

You can join our discord server:

I will upload a link to the server once it’s open… Hope to see you there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Here is the link - Have fun :smiley:

Another edit: This server is getting griefed pretty much whenever I’m offline by these ‘hackers’ so I’ve added another password and it will most likely be changed weekly. Please dm me on discord if you would like to join.

Due to this the server is far less active than before so now only around a 5 people go on the server daily.


Out of pure curiosity, why is the server called Magic Software?

i actually have no idea… its a remake of a server i made 6 years ago and 9 year old me just thought it sounded cool. I did think of making the server themed around the name but I’m not sure yet

You should make it around the name! It sounds cool to maybe see a giant magical computer or software systems. Maybe you could have a steampunk ish village but it’s powered on magic! If you need help building anything on this server just reply to my message saying so! Also my username is Pandaz eet Beanz
No special characters. :slight_smile:

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Will keep those ideas in mind, and thanks for offering help :smiley:

Dave’s brand is Majic Jungle, which is why he’s MajicDave. Might have influenced you, @mizng :slight_smile:


I’m somewhat tempted to call it Majic Software now :laughing:

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You’re very welcome to do so. Anything that isn’t offensive is fine.

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