Server problem PROBLEM

I just bought a custom server for 30 days and it won’t let me join

I bought a server and it hasn’t let me see or open it! it didn’t even show up on the owner portal!

Have you tried using a different browser to see if the problem would go away?

yes i have :frowning:

Oh, that’s weird…

it just charged me twice and i got NEITHER server from it

@milla could probably help you.

i sent in a support email like 30 minuets ago and i’ve gotten nothing reply wise either

Yikes! :flushed:


30 minutes isn’t very long, especially considering that it’s the weekend in NZ now.

I’m sure Milla will get back to you as soon as she sees your message.


Nvm guys it was fixed thanks for all the tips! I didn’t end up needing them but thank you very much!

Maybe you should attach it to your other post instead of making another one

Wait, then why did you create this thread in the first place?

I think its edited

I’ll get to that shortly, and reply to your email. I don’t work full-time any more, but to be honest, we never provided 24 hour support, because it’s just me.


I never created a thread lol