Server seed is different

So I had a set seed so I could have a hard custom world server . I used the seed “cheese” in an offline custom expert world, offline with custom mode settings. I made the world with cold tempature, wet weather, with few trees, plants, and ore. Got a world I liked so I made a server with the same settings that affect generation and the same seed. However, I got a completely different world even though the seed is set to the same as the offline one with the same settings.

I’m wondering if this is a bug or I did something wrong? If so is there a way if the world can be changed?

I also have a video of me creating the world offline, pictures of multiple offline worlds, and proof that the worlds are vastly different.
Thank you blockheads community!

That might be a bug. Are you on iOS or Android?

The server and the worlds were both made on IOS.

My guess is that seeds do not work across the platforms. So a seed on single player will not be the same when used for a cloud world. I don’t think the cloud servers are running iOS.