Server: SkyLands


Yes its on the cloud already



A Blockhead slowly opens the trapdoor and exits onto the surface.
BH1: "I think the coast is clear, come on"
BH2: "Are you sure? We’ve been hiding underground for years!"
BH1: "Yeah this place looks really deserted. Let’s have a look around."
BH2: “Ok, it will be good to see the sun shining again. Hey you’re right, the bases are all abandoned and decrepit. Maybe we can get some materials to reuse. There’s so much here to explore! This used to be such a busy place. Sort of sad but maybe we can start again.”

Attention everyone. Yes, this is an old, old thread. That’s because this is an old, old server, built on the framework of the old City of Stars. I’m running an experiment as a result of some recent interest in this server. I have updated the rules and re-opened my very first Skylands world. It is a vanilla world dating back to version 1.4. I have hopefully protected the most precious historical creations, but this world saw a huge drop in attendance after the cloud and before protection signs, so most bases are unprotected and I will only protect things as new players move in.


I am the Legendary First Survivor, and no one can beat me if they try and go against me. Or can they? You can try…

This server was dead for a long time, and then I joined SkyLands Arena for a reason too long to explain. The staff there were really cool, but I found out that it was a Custom Server, which I do not like. So Jemnidad talked to me about his other server which was dead, SkyLands, his very first server. It was survival and so I joined. I was and still am sure that I will not regret it since the staff are very patient with disobedience and don’t ban you immediately, so you don’t lose your stuff. I started playing and got stronger and stronger and am still getting the hang of the game, but only non-forum users (that, in my opinion, are very annoying,) keep joining. I need company and I want the server to be popular again since we can all play in a good survival server.

Remember, nobody can beat me… but I’ll like to see ya try! I need company to try and fight me. I asked jemnidad to enable PvP so I could fight people, even though I am putting my own life at risk. However, I doubt anyone could defeat me.

My name in the server is Mahad Kingdom.

P.S: A trick: Don’t tell your location to ANYONE, not even some of the admins. One of them (which I will not name but might in the future) asked me where I was. I asked him why he wanted to know and he said it was because he was just curious. Well, it was a lie… He had just come to kill me. He said it was to teach me a lesson, but I don’t know how it did since I didn’t get any lesson, just saw how people could betray other people easily. However, don’t stop trusting everyone (even though I do), since most admins are good. The Traitor Admin is on the forums. I would like to see you guys guess who it is.

This is a very good server and I would really like it if ya joined!


Oh yes, now I remember the lesson. However I did not kill anyone, just threatened them if they didn’t follow the rules, since I knew that in the time that they would find me or I would come I would be strong enough to fight them. As I said, I am growing. I was not ready for this battle nor would I have fought back since it was a waste of my time, and I wouldn’t get much. You also only killed the Blockheads with no armor nor sword, and I had, on my main one, something to fight back. However I did not. If ya want, we can redo it when I get stronger. However, you had stuff from the portal chest. If you didn’t it would be impossible to beat me.


Yes, this is getting off-topic. However if it’s the admins job, you can still tell people or force them (lol) to follow it. Also, I did not boast as in saying that I was rich. If you look closely, I never said that. It’s called psychology tricks. I cannot go into too much detail but think about it. The stupid sheep was also worth it since it was true, but I cannot go into too much detail there either since it is too off-topic.


Excuse me but may you not act so idiotic please? you’re acting as if you’re 3.


Please refrain from insulting other people. I could roast you really hard right now but I will not since it is against the rules. Check the rules on how to interact with other people on this forum.


I am speaking the truth it because is clear that you do not respect anyone not even the admins.


I wasn’t really scared since you had the same powers as him… Also, it is still bad to insult people and remember that I only insulted in the game, not the forums.


Well, some admins might be bad people, and most of them I respect. That is still not an excuse to insult.

No, since getting banned from this forum is not too much of a problem since I can still play the game.


Exactly so don’t go calling people “Stupid sheep”.


How about everyone just walks away, and this discussion can continue in private with @jemnidad when he’s available. It won’t help to argue on the server thread here in public so the best thing to do is to ignore each other. @PIZZA0 if you have a problem with the players JemNi has chosen to be his staff, then you can take it up with him then.


@NAT5UDRAGN33L As ya said, it’s the truth too… you don’t make any sense.

@bilingual Got it. Respect your elders too, ya know. By the way, remember that I only joined SkyLands when Jemni was there since I didn’t know any of the admins, and I didn’t know you were one neither that you were a liar.

@Ingeniare OK, but I don’t think his staff are the problem, they are really cool. Just one in particular that you already know.


I just want people on this forum to be respected because they are people too they aren’t like bots which you can say anything to.


That is true. However some people offended me and I want to get back to them. I will not insult on this forum as long as someone else doesn’t offend me in any way.


Who offended you?


Well in the game, some admins in SkyLands Arena and Chop was one of them. I think that’s all… some people in the past but not as much as these guys and it wasn’t a long fight.


What did they say that offended you?


There’s two sides to this Pork so i’ll see their side and i’ll try and find the truth inbetween.

Someone needs to ban you


Please do not disrespect anyone or curse on the forums, your violating the community guidelines.